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Civil & Environmental Engineering Courses

The curriculum in civil engineering is designed to provide training in fundamental engineering sciences, certain nontechnical subjects, and all major areas of civil engineering, which will serve as a basis for entrance into civil engineering practice and/or graduate study.

Technical elective courses in environmental, geotechnical, hydraulics and water resources, and structural engineering are available that allow pursuit of several programs of study or specialization.

Course Number Title
CEE 195 Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 204 Statics
CEE 240 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Engineering
CEE 250 Principles of Environmental Engineering
CEE 295 Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 304 Probability Statistics and Risk
CEE 305 Civil and Environmental Engineering Computations
CEE 310 Structures I
CEE 320 Civil Engineering Materials
CEE 323 Soil Mechanics
CEE 330 Hydromechanics
CEE 335 CE Soils and Hydraulics Laboratory
CEE 340 Hydraulics & Water Resources
CEE 350 Environmental Pollution & Control
CEE 355W Environmental Engineering Analysis
CEE 356 Public Health Engineering
CEE 367 Cooperative Education
CEE 368 Internship
CEE 369 Practicum
CEE 403W Civil Engineering Design Project and Professional Practice
CEE 404 Environmental Engineering Design Project and Professional Practice
CEE 410 Concrete Design I
CEE 411/511 Concrete Design II
CEE 414/514 Masonry Structures Design
CEE415/515 Steel Structures Design
CEE 416/516 Wood Structural Design
CEE 430/530 Foundation Engineering
CEE 431/531 Earth Structures Design with Geosynthetics
CEE 432/532 Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
CEE 440/540 Hydraulic Engineering
CEE 446/546 Urban Stormwater Hydrology
CEE 447/547 Groundwater Hydraulics
CEE 450/550 Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection System Design
CEE 451 Water & Waste Water Treatment
CEE 452/552 Air Quality
CEE 454/554 Hazardous Waste
CEE 458/558 Sustainable Development
CEE 470/570 Transportation Fundamentals
CEE 471/571 Transportation Operation I
CEE476/576 Transportation Operations Applications
CEE 482/582 Introduction to Coastal Engineering
CEE 495/595 Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 650 Pollution Prevention
CEE 653 Environmental Engineering Law
CEE 667 Cooperative Education
CEE 668 Internship
CEE 695 Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 697 Independent Study in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 698 Master's Project
CEE 699 Thesis Research
CEE 700/800 Civil and Environmental Engineering Experimental Design
CEE 710/810 Structural Dynamics
CEE 711/811 Finite Element Analysis
CEE 712/812 Advanced Reinforced Concrete
CEE 713/813 Prestressed Concrete
CEE 714/814 Advanced Structural Analysis
CEE 715/815 Engineering Optimization I
CEE 717/817 Bridge Structure Design
CEE 718/818 Engineering Optimization II
CEE 719/819 Inelastic Structures
CEE 720/820 Structural Stability
CEE 721/821 Plates
CEE 722/822 Cluster Parallel Computing
CEE 723/823 Seismic Design of Steel Structures
CEE 724/824 Retrofitting Methods for Bridges and Buildings
CEE 730/830 Advanced Foundation Engineering
CEE 731/831 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CEE 732/832 Engineering Behavior of Soils
CEE 733/833 Soil Dynamics
CEE 741/841 Open-Channel Flow
CEE 747/847 Groundwater Flow
CEE 751/851 Physicochemical Treatment Processes
CEE 752/852 Biological Wastewater Treatment
CEE 753/853 Advanced Processes for Water & Wastewater Treatment
CEE 754/854 Environmental Engineering Microbiology
CEE 755/855 Water Quality Management
CEE 756/856 Water Quality Modeling
CEE 761/861 Water Resources Systems Analysis
CEE 762/862 Aquatic Chemistry in Environmental Engineering
CEE 770/870 Transportation Safety
CEE 771/871 Transportation Operation II
CEE 772/872 Intelligent Transportation Systems
CEE 774/874 Transportation Planning
CEE 775/875 Transportation Network Models and Optimization
CEE 776/876 Simulation Modeling in Transportation Networks
CEE 782/882 Design of Coastal Structures
CEE 787/887 Dredging and Beach Engineering
CEE 788/888 Coastal Hydrodynamics & Sediment Transport Processes
CEE 789/889 Computational Environmental Fluid Dynamics
CEE 795/895 Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 892 Doctor of Engineering Project
CEE 897 Independent Study in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 899 Dissertation Research
CEE 999 Civil Engineering 999