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CEE 715


Core Information
Course CEE 715/815 Engineering Optimization I
Lecture 3 hours; 3 credits
Fall Semester, ODU Campus
Session Fall Session #1
Instructor Dr. Duc T. Nguyen, Professor, CEE, KH 130-C
Phone (757) 683-3761
Fax (757) 683-5354
e-mail <nguyen@cee.odu.edu>
Office Hours see posting on KH Room 130-C

Textbook and References

Required Textbook:
Optimization Concepts and Applications In Engineering, 1/e,by Ashok D. Belegundu, and T.R. Chandruppatla, Prentice Hall (1999), 432 pages, ISBN # 0-13-031279-7

Introduction to Engineering Design Optimization, 1/e, by Chinyere Onwubiko, Prentice Hall (2000), 312 pages, ISBN # 0-201-47673-8 (has Probability Design Optimization, Genetic Algo.)

Elements of Structural Optimization, by R.T. Haftka and Zafer Gurdal 3-rd revised and expanded edition (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992) ISBN 0-7923-1505-7

Grading Policy
Homeworks and/or Tests/Projects will be given

Attendance Policy

Attendance is not required but is strongly recommended since absences can have a negative effect on the student's learning and performance. Also, a student must be present for all quizzes, tests, and examinations.

Honor Code

All homework, quizzes, and exams that are turned in for credit should contain either the honor code pledge written out completely, or the words "Honor Pledge" written next to your signature. Collaboration with others is permissible on homework assignments only.


Tentative Course Outline

CEE 715/815 (= MExxx) Engineering Optimization I
Lecture 3 hours; 3 credits
ODU Campus
Fall Session

  Topics Class Hours


(0) Mathematical Preliminary

~2 weeks



~1 weeks


Linear Programming (LP)
Simplex Method and Sensitivity
(2a) IF TIME AVAILABLE: LP in Matrix Form and Duality

~4 weeks


Unconstrained Optimization

~3 weeks


Constrained Optimization

~3 weeks


Gradient Projection Method, GRP

~2 weeks


State Space Approach

~2 weeks


Finite Element Method: A Review

~2 weeks


Feasible Direction Method

~2 weeks


Optimality Criteria Approach

~2 weeks


Aspects of Optimization Process in Practice

Due to time constrained, it is highly possible that 1 (or more than 1) topic(s) may have to be deleted