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Accelerated BS/MS and BS/ME Programs

The accelerated BS/MS (Bachelor of Science/Master of Science) and BS/ME (Bachelor of Science/Master of Engineering) programs available in the Frank Batten College of Engineering are designed to provide a unique opportunity for suitably qualified students to obtain an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in engineering in a period of only five years after graduating from high-school. These programs are planned for qualified students to advance smoothly from undergraduate education to graduate admission. Successful graduates of these programs will have opportunities for accelerated entry into higher-than entry level engineering positions and will be prepared for rapid advancement in their careers. The accelerated BS/MS and BS/ME programs offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are:

  • BS Civil Engineering/MS Civil Engineering
  • BS Civil Engineering/ME Civil Engineering
  • BS Civil Engineering/MS Environmental Engineering
  • BS Civil Engineering/ME Environmental Engineering
  • BS Environmental Engineering/MS Environmental Engineering
  • BS Environmental Engineering/ME Environmental Engineering
  • BS Environmental Engineering/MS Civil Engineering
  • BS Environmental Engineering/ME Civil Engineering

Briefly, an MS (Master of Science) degree requires successful completion of eight 3-hour courses, a 6- hour master's thesis and a thesis defense. There are two options for an ME (Master of Engineering) degree. The project option requires successful completion of nine 3- hour courses, a 3-hour master's project, and a project defense. The course option for an ME degree requires successful completion of ten 3-hour courses and a comprehensive examination. Generally, admitted students are allowed to switch from an MS program to an ME program, or vice versa. The students enrolled in an accelerated BS/MS or BS/ME program will take two pre-approved graduate level courses (5XX) in place of two of their senior-level undergraduate courses (4XX). These two graduate-level courses (6 credit hours) will count towards both the BS degree and the MS or ME degree (30 credit hours, respectively). The students can also sign up for thesis research or master's project during their senior year.

Students can apply for admission to an accelerated BS/MS or BS/ME program as freshmen or as rising juniors or seniors. To be eligible for admission and to remain in the program, students must have a grade point average of 3.00 higher in the engineering course taken. At the completion of the requirements for their undergraduate degree, the students enrolled in the accelerated programs will receive a BS degree. Then, they can obtain their MS or ME degree within a period of one year if they pursue their graduate degrees as full time students, as we strongly recommend. However, those who cannot afford to remain full-time students during the fifth year can complete their graduate degrees as part-time students. Students interested in an accelerated BS/MS or BS/ME program should contact:

Dr. Gary C. Schafran Professor and Chairman Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Kaufman Hall Room 135 Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA 23529 Phone: (757) 683-3753 Fax: (757) 683-5354