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Ph.D. Program

MS/ME Programs

MS Electrical Engineering

This program has a strong research component and is suitable for all students supported by research assistantships. The Master of Science programs require 24 hours of graduate course work, and 6 hours of thesis research. The Masters thesis program also serves as a foundation for the PhD program for suitably qualified students.

All requirements for a MS or ME degree should be completed within a period of six-years. Major areas of electrical engineering graduate studies and research are listed below:

MS students may take 2 Core Courses and the rest from the listed electives.

Systems Core Courses
ECE 601 Linear Systems
ECE 651 Statistical Analysis and Simulation

ECE 652 Wireless Communication Networks
ECE 787 Digital Communications

ECE 762 Digital Control Systems
ECE 763 Multivariable Control Systems
ECE 766 Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE 795 Geometric Control Systems
ECE 766 Nonlinear Control Systems

Digital Signal and Image Processing
ECE 581 Digital Signal Processing I
ECE 780 Machine Pattern Analysis
ECE 782 Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 783 Digital Image Processing

Modeling and Simulation
MSIM 601 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
ECE 605 Engineering Systems Modeling
MSIM 641 Visualization I
MSIM 651 Analysis I
MSIM 720 Continuous and Real Time Simulation
MSIM 742 Visualization II
MSIM 730 Simulation Foundations
MSIM 752 Analysis II

Physical Electronics Core Courses
ECE 651 Statistical Analysis and Simulation
ECE 623 Electromagnetism

Solid State Electronics
ECE 573 Solid State Electronics
ECE 774 Semiconductor Characterization
ECE 776 Advanced Semiconductor Devices
ECE 777 Semiconductor Process and Technology

Lasers, Plasmas, and Pulsed Power
ECE 578 Lasers and Laser Applications
ECE 572 Plasma Discharges and Material Processing
ECE 595 Bioelectrics
ECE 695 Pulse Power
ECE 772 Advanced Gaseous Electronics
ECE 775 Plasma Surface Engineering
ECE 778 Engineering Applications of Spectroscopy
ECE 779 Applications of Laser Engineering

ECE 699 Thesis
ECE 731 ECE Graduate Seminar
MATH 691 Engineering Analysis

ME Electrical Engineering

The Master of Engineering programs require 30 hours of graduate course work. The ME program is ideal for part-time working students. All requirements for a M.S. or ME. degree should be completed within a period of six-years. ME students may take at least 21 credits from any ECE graduate courses (including 9 from major area) and up to 9 approved credits from other related areas such as CS, ENMA, BUS, etc.

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