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Theses and Dissertations Schedule - Summer 2013


Target Date: on or before


Aug 23 Theses/Dissertations

With all signatures and copies made as per guideline

Aug 2 Theses/Dissertation

With GPD's signature


One week before the Dean's office deadline for your degree (July 26)

After defense, with committee signatures and corrections
Defense Two weeks before the Dean's office deadline for your degree Practice your defense 
Linda Marshall At least one week before defense
Give electronic copy of Abstract; book presentation rooms & equipment, collect forms
Theses and Dissertations Committee Two-four weeks before defense Give copies of Theses & Dissertations to committee
Theses and Dissertations Committee Approval form Two-four weeks before defense Get signatures
Application for Graduation

May Graduation: November 30

August Graduation: February 28

December Graduation: June 30

Electronically fill the Application for Graduation by the deadline and request an invitation for a graduate assessment survey (www.odu.edu/grad).
Guide to Thesis & Dissertation http://www.odu.edu/ao/gradstudies Read it and follow the guidelines