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Departmental Institutes

Advanced Engineering Environments Laboratory serves as a focal point for the diverse research activities pertaining to distributed collaborative synthesis and learning technologies and their application to future aerospace systems. These activities include the synergistic coupling of modeling, visual simulations, intelligent agents, multimedia and synthetic environments, human-computer interactions, computational intelligence, computational, information and collaboration technologies in the multidisciplinary analysis, sensitivity studies optimization, design and operation of future aerospace systems. Contact: Dr. Ahmed Noor, Director, aknoor@odu.edu, (757) 766-5233.

Coastal Engineering is part of the College's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Its mission is to foster interdisciplinary educational and research opportunities for faculty and students interested in applied coastal science and engineering. Contact: Dr. David R. Basco dbasco@odu.edu, (757) 683-3753. 

Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology focuses on fundamental and applied research in micro- and nano- electronics, mechanics and transport phenomena; synthesis and characterization of nano-materials; and development of new technologies and devices. (757) 683- 6818.

Lean Institute was established to find solutions for issues related to enterprise productivity. The Institute also addresses issues related to other business functions such as supply chain logistics, technology management, human resources, design, and contracting. Contact: Dr. Alok K. Verma, averma@odu.edu, (757) 683-3766.

Multidisciplinary Parallel and Vector Computations promotes interactions (and/or collaborations) among researchers in the areas of engineering applications, large scale computations, and parallel software and algorithm developments. Contact: Dr. Duc T. Nguyen, Director, dnguyen@odu.edu, (757) 683-3761.

Laser and Plasma Engineering Institute (LPEI) is a research facility under the auspices of the College's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  It focuses on conducting fundamental and applied investigations using laser and plasma technologies.  LPEI offers a
state-of-the-art facility and a vibrant academic environment where faculty, graduate and undergraduate students engage in joint advanced research encompassing fundamental and applied research aspects in the fields of lasers, plasmas and their applications in engineering. Contact: Dr. Mounir Laroussi, Director, mlarouss@odu.edu, (757) 683-6369.

Ship Maintenance, Repair and Operations works to make ship repair and operations more cost effective, while meeting or exceeding environmental requirements. Contact: Dr. Han Bao, Director, hbao@odu.edu, (757) 683-6363.

Sustainable Development Institute was established in 2004, in association with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to promote and provide engineering, ecological, environmental, and economic assistance to local, regional, and national governmental agencies, as well as international organizations and businesses. The Institute actively participates in community service by conducting waste minimization and pollution prevention assistance to local businesses. Contact: Dr. Mujde Erten-Unal, Director, munal@odu.edu, (757) 683-4412.

Transportation Research Institute was established in 2007, in association with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to address critical issues in the surface transportation system. The Institute has several active research projects and supports formation on multi-disciplinary research teams to conduct research. TRI research activities are focused on transportation operations (including intelligent transportation systems), transportation safety, transportation planning, freight, environment, and sustainable transport. Contact: Dr. Mecit Cetin, mcetin@odu.edu.