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ENMA Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum GPA your department requires for acceptance in the Master's Program?

We generally require a 3.0 or higher GPA. Under special circumstances we will consider a 2.8 or higher GPA given that you have done well on your GRE exams and/or have other factors influencing your admission such as several years work experience, other graduate course taken at another institution in which you received high marks, etc.

2. What are the minimum IELTS and/or TOEFL scores required for acceptance into your department?

We require a minimum IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5, 550 paper based TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and 213 computer based test.

3. Do you require GRE exams and if so, what scores do you require?

If applying for a Master's level degree we require GRE exams if your GPA is 3.0 or lower. If applying for the PhD we require GRE exams and we look for scores over the 50 percentile.

4. How do I apply for admission into the program?

Please see the Graduate Student and Internation Student pages on the Admissions Office website.

5. What is the deadline for admission into the program?

Please see the Admissions Office website.

6. What if I have missed the deadlines, can I still be accepted into the program?

In general, it is best to have all of the required documents sent by the posted deadlines. However in special circumstances the department may work with you.

International Students

If you are an international student, the deadlines are stricter as much more paperwork must be completed before you can be admitted to the University. As student it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate documents are sent to the Office of Admissions and that they will process them if you are requesting an extension. The EMSE cannot make any EXCEPTIONS and will not contact the admissions office for you. Because the EMSE department receives all documents from the admissions office, we cannot make a decision on your acceptance until then.

Resident Students

While we still recommend that you submit all of your documents on time. On a case by case basis we may make an exception. Contact the Graduate Program Director to discuss your specific situation. In the event that you cannot be accepted in the program for the desired semester, you may enroll in courses as a non-degree student and depending on your performance in those courses along with the evaluation of the required documents the EMSE department may accept you the following semester. However, any exceptions are made at the discretion of the Graduate Program Director. International students cannot enroll as non-degree students without first being accepted to the University.

7. Can you waive documents for admission to the program?

The short answer is no. Admission requires all of the documents posted on their site. This is especially true for international students as the guidelines are stricter. Without exception, transcripts are required from all students and TOEFL exams or demonstrations of English language proficiency as per are required.

8. I have completed my Master's degree at ODU, can I transfer credits into the PhD program?

The requirement for the PhD program is 51 hours past the Master's degree, therefore Master's degree course cannot be counted toward PhD level work. Possible exceptions include taking more than the required course load for the Master's degree and/or other individual circumstances that may be approved by the GPD.

9. Since I entered the ODU MEM curriculum through a special Navy program I did not have to take the GRE. Would I now be required to take the GRE for entrance into the Engineering Management PhD program?

It depends. If you graduated with a high GPA and have the recommendation of a faculty member who is willing to serve as your PhD advisor, you may not have to take the GRE. However this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the Graduate Program Director (GPD).

10. Do ENMA courses count towards continuing education units for the P.E.?


11. Do the 600 level core courses for the D.Eng program count towards the 3/5 requirement of 800 level courses?


12. What is the first step to enroll in the PhD/DEng program?

The first step is to apply online and provide all of the required documents. If you have general questions about the requirements, you can contact the GPD.

13. When should I expect to hear back?

The Ph.D./DEng admission process consists of 2 phases. In the first phase you apply and submit your documents to the admissions office. When all documents are complete, they will forward your application to the department. The department reviews your application and decides if you meet the basic requirements. In second phase, you need to identify an advisor to work with depending on your area of interest. To do so, you first review the faculty research interests and then communicate with them to see if someone can be a main advisor.

14. Do I need to identify an advisor prior to getting admitted?

After you submit all of your documents and meet the necessary basic requirements, you need to identify an advisor to work with within the department.

Once you identify one (or more), give them a call and express your research interest. At this point you really should have a short write-up on your research area and interest to kick off a conversation with the faculty.

The rationale of identifying an advisor early on is that you don't want to complete all of your course work to realize that you cannot find someone who can advise you on what you want to do. Also the elective courses in the doctoral programs will be selected to support the dissertation or project. So it is important to identify the area of research and the advisor early on.

15. Is the PhD a distance learning program?

The PhD program is not a distance learning program, although a lot of our graduate classes are televised, some of our classes may require you to come to campus. You also need to come to campus for research meetings, presentations, milestones, etc. If the advisor (and dissertation committee) can you work from a distance, then that will reduce your trips to campus but still cannot be considered as a totally distance learning program.

16. Can I start out as a non-degree student than get into the PhD program?

Yes, you can fill out the necessary form to check things out and see how much you like the program and its format. If you get admitted later, this course will count towards your degree. You can take a maximum 4 none degree courses (up to 12 credit hours). However taking none degree courses does not guarantee admission (even you get straight A's). The none-degree approach is not recommended for potential doctoral students because the admission process can be more complex that what you think and you may not get into the program. It is OK to enroll as a none-degree student after you consult with the GPD and you feel pretty comfortable that you will be admitted.

17. Can I take courses from Northern VA?

Our center in Northern VA was closed and therefore, the only way to take our courses there is via video streaming or Adobe Connect over the web. Some courses, however, may not be offered that way.

18. Can I take the research methods course ENMA 821 as a distance learning course?

This course is currently live and needs to be take at ODU.

19. What are the major milestones in the doctoral program (PhD and DEng)?

There are four major milestones: Candidacy exam (written and oral), Dissertation proposal, defense, and graduation. At this point all of these milestones are done at ODU (live).

20. How many graduate courses can I transfer from other institutions?

ODU allows to transfer up to 12 credit hours of graduate course work from accredited universities and need to (i) be post masters graduate hours, (ii) have grades of B or above in them (iii) be relevant to your program of study at our department and (iv) to be approved by the GPD and Dean. Consult with the GPD first. If the GPD approves, the courses can be transferred after you are admitted.

21. Why do I see some DEng course with the prefix ENGN and some others with ENMA?

The discrepancy is coming from the fact that the DEng is a college program, hence the course prefix is ENGN; however the departments are in charge of offering the courses (ENMA in our case). So you take ENMA courses that are listed on our web site (they are equivalent to the ENGN)

22. Is there a minimum limit on the 800 level courses that I need to take?

3/5 your courses (excluding the project) must be 800 level.

23. Can I replace a core course with some other course. For example ENMA 604 is a core course for the DEng and it looks very similar to the graduate level project management course I took at another university. Can I replace it with some other course?

The college and department are strict about replacing core courses except when the student makes a strong case for a replacement. If for example you took a similar graduate course recently and let's say you have a long experience in that topic, then you need to submit a request to the GPD and advisor for course replacement explaining and making the case to why we should replace the course.

24. If I take the statistics and probabilities course ENMA 520, would it count as an elective?

No. This course is a prerequisite for the program.

25. The topic I have in mind for the PhD (or DEng) is classified, can I still do it?

The final product (dissertation or project) will become a public document in the library. So if some information is classified or company proprietary then you need to consult with the advisor and your organization to decide how the data can be masked. Otherwise, maybe the topic needs to be changed. Also keep in mind that most of the professors don't have military clearances.

26. If I have taken coursework at ODU, do I need to submit my ODU transcripts for admission into the program?

No, because the coursework was taken at ODU your transcripts are available to the admissions office.

27. I am currently enrolled in a Master's Program at ODU, I would like to transfer to the Master's Program in Engineering Management, what should I do?

You need to email the admissions office notifying them of your desire to change. They will then send send us the appropriate documentation for evaluation. Because you are already enrolled in a graduate program, will probably will not need to submit any more documentation. However, in some cases is may be necessary to submit more required documents. For domestic students, email - gradadmit@odu.edu, for international students, email - intladm@odu.edu.

28. I have enrolled in the D.Eng Program and now want to transfer to the PhD Program or vice versa, what should I do?

First of all, your advisor needs to agree to this change, if they agree to the change then you need to email gradadmit@odu.edu to request a program change, then the department can approve the request.

29. I have defended my dissertation and now I need to submit copies to the Dean's office, now what do I do?

You need to ensure that your D3 form has been completed and signed by the committee and GPD, and forwarded to the registrar's office. Then you need to print out one copy that has been reviewed by the advisor and committee for technical content and writing style. This document must be submitted to the dean's office with a signed D5 form. The dean's office will then send the document to a professional editor and you will receive the corrections within 10 days of submission. You will then have to make the changes and print five copies of the dissertation (one copy on 100% cotton paper, and the remaining 4 copies on at least 25% cotton paper) and submit them to the registrar's office with form D6.

The forms can be found at the following url, http://www.odu.edu/ao/gradstudies/forms/index.shtml