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Modeling & Simulation for Engineering Management Support (MSEMS) Certificate

Engineering Management is a field which requires individuals to make decisions every day using the best available tools at their disposal.  Modeling and Simulation (M&S) provides such tools to assist engineering managers in making better informed decisions. With modeling and simulation, analysts can determine optimal parameters for a system design, perform sensitivity analyses, and explore "what-if" scenarios on the results of an analysis.  These tasks are all crucial to an engineering manager's success and provide the basis for the natural linkage between M&S and Engineering Management.

MSEMS Certificate Requirements

The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering will offer the MSEMS certificate with the following requirements:

Required Coursework:
MSIM 601: Intro to M&S
ENMA 702/802: Methods for Rational Decision Making

MSIM 601 is a required course for all M&S students and provides an initial skill set for students to prepare them for utilization of M&S in their further studies.  ENMA 702/802 is an ideal course for those interested in both M&S and Engineering Management as it focuses on how engineers should make decisions.  The skills learned in this course can be applied to undertake any analysis utilizing M&S.

Note that MSIM 611/612 can be substituted for MSIM 601 with prior approval by Department Chairman.

Choose 2 of the Following 3 Courses:
ENMA 712/812: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems
ENMA 724/824: Risk Analysis
ENMA 703/803: Applied Optimization in Engineering Management

These courses enhance the required courses by including additional skill sets in support of engineering management such as:
a)  Development of quantitative and qualitative models for multi-criteria decision support and the assistance of engineering managers in making decisions (ENMA 712/82);
b)  Focus on modeling to enhance understanding of risk and provide input to decision analysis techniques (ENMA 724/824);
c)  Development of advanced modeling techniques in the operations research and optimization disciplines to aid in decision support (ENMA 703/803).