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The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering and its faculty are highly active in a large number of research projects. While these research projects may at first appear to be widely diverse, The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering approaches all research with the unifying goals of:

  • Increasing the body of knowledge of project management
  • Developing new Engineering Management tools and methodologies
  • Improving the operations of government, business and industry through applied research
  • Developing graduate students into skilled and proficent researchers and engineering management professionals
  • Enhancing classroom instruction with applications from industrial research


The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering conducts research and scholarly activities in a variety of topical areas within the discipline of Engineering Management. These areas include:

  • Project Management Systems
  • Cost Engineering and Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Operational Systems and Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Quality Management System Design
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Systems of Systems Engineering
Recent sponsored research programs include:
  • Human vigilance monitoring models using EEG data,
  • Battle outcome prediction models,
  • Transportation and resource optimization models for health organizations,
  • Systems failure predication models,
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for large complex systems; high technology operations re-design,
  • Organizational systems engineering and change analysis,
  • Re-design of organizational knowledge systems,
  • Performance measurement systems development,
  • Problem definition, learning, and knowledge systems design,
  • Systems analysis of cruise missile re-certification, and
  • The NASA sponsored effort to develop and apply multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) techniques applicable to launch vehicle conceptual design.
  • Research on NASA Intelligent Synthesis Environments - Engineering team effectiveness in distributed collaborative environments
  • NASA sponsored investigation of Error Patterns in Geographical Databases
  • Process Analysis and Improvement of Old Dominion University Research Foundation
  • WR Systems, LTD and Navy SPAWAR: Integrated 2D/3D Navigation Display Prototype
  • Joint C4ISR Battle Center (JBC) Collaborative Tools Concept of Operations with JTASC
  • Landmark Communications: Virginian Pilot Distribution Project
  • Design and integration of ISO 9000 based Quality Management Systems

For further details of research activities, please contact The Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering