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Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP)

Old Dominion University is a proud participant in the NCPDLP. The University is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The NCPDLP offers qualified participants the opportunity to earn credits for college-level learning based on military experience and training, college level examinations, and through course work completed at other regionally accredited institutions. Classes are offered on campus and via distance learning media, primarily CD-ROM. Old Dominion University offers low-cost tuition and fees. Combined with Navy Tuition Assistance and Veterans Educational Benefits, the NCPDLP is an affordable choice for those seeking career advancement, professional development, and personal growth. Courses are also available through the Navy's Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE). The sections below provide general information on this program.

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The General Engineering Technology Program (Electromechanical Systems Option)

For career and professional development in many technology driven fields in the military, business, and industry, it is often essential to complete a bachelors degree program. The diverse technical education background and career goals of technology career areas require a program with a work place focus. The BSET with a concentration in General Engineering Technology (GET) meets this educational need. A GET option area specifically developed for the NCPDLP is Electromechanical Systems.

Electromechanical Systems Option

Advanced technical systems such as automated manufacturing and ship systems require a unique blend of technical knowledge to enable understanding and analysis of the interrelated electrical and mechanical components. The Electromechanical Systems option is designed to support career interests related to design, operation, and repair of these critical systems and their interfaces. Graduates of this option pursue careers in operations engineering, technical support, maintenance engineering, automation, and automated system design. The table below describes the core 300- 400 level courses in the program:

Electromechanical Systems Option

MET 300 Thermodynamics

MET 305 Principles of Mechanics

MET 310 Dynamics

MET 330 Fluid Mechanics

EET 350 Fundamentals of Electrical Technology

EET 360 Electrical Power and Machinery

EET 415 Programmable Machine controls

EET 410 Communication Principles

EET 365W Electrical Power and Machinery Lab

MET 335 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Electromechanical System students work with both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology faculty who possess a broad range of business and industrial experience. This collaboration with faculty along with interdisciplinary Electromechanical Systems courses provide the broad skill set required for both long - term advancement and entry-level success.

Engineering Management Minor

Electromechanical Systems students take a minor in Engineering Management. This is a four-course sequence that provides essential analytical skills for complex technical and business decisions: ENMA 301 Engineering Management, ENMA 302 Engineering Economics, ENMA 401 Project Management, and ENMA 420 Statistics.