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Nuclear Engineering Technology Option

The Nuclear Technology option in Mechanical Engineering Technology is a special program available only to graduates of the U. S. Navy Nuclear Power School. Graduates of this program receive advanced standing credits that apply to the MET degree based on their professional education in nuclear power systems. The table below describes the current credit articulation agreement.

Course Credits
ENGN 110 Intro to Eng / Tech I 2
ENGN 111 Intro to Eng / Tech II 2
MET 200 Manufacturing Processes 3
MET 300 Thermodynamics 3
MET 330 Fluid Mechanics or EET 350 Fundamentals of Elec. Tech. 3
MET 387 Power and Energy Lab 2
MET 450 Energy Systems 3
MET Elective ( MET 320 Design of Machine Elements) 3
MET Elective (Additional Chemistry) 1
STEM 231 Materials and Processes Tech. 3
Chemistry Elective (for CHEM 115) 3
PHYS 111 Physics I 4
PHYS 112 Physics II 4
MATH 162M Pre calculus I 3
MATH 163 Pre calculus II 3
Total 42

Students in the nuclear engineering option also take two senior elective courses MET 471 Nuclear Systems I and MET 472 Nuclear Systems II.