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Old Dominion honored its nominees for the 2013 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards at a luncheon last month in Webb Center. The Outstanding Faculty Awards are the commonwealth's highest honor for faculty at Virginia's public and private colleges and universities. These awards recognize superior accomplishments in teaching, research and public service.

At the luncheon, President John Broderick recognized the nominees for their outstanding work. They also received a plaque at the luncheon.

ODU's nine nominees are: Zia Razzaq, of the civil and environmental department, Gail Dodge, Jennifer Fish, John Ford, John McManus, John Nunnery, Mike Pearson, Carolyn Rutledge and Tom Socha.

Excerpts from the "Personal Statement" section of the Razzaq's nomination packet is reprinted below.

"I believe engineering is a humanistic discipline. I freely admit that this statement must sound a bit peculiar coming from a structural engineer and applied mathematician whose students expect to be trained as engineers. What I say to my students is that they should not restrict their learning to what is embodied in their textbooks. They must, in each course, read at least one or more of the original works of the great teachers such as the original works of Sir Isaac Newton as well as the original works of some of the greatest American pioneers such as Charles Whitney's and Hardy Cross' original papers, which provided a sound basis for the engineered design of tall buildings and large bridges throughout the entire world!"

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Published on: February 1, 2013