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Their challenge was to research the past and to present a possible vision for the future of quantum sensors.

Teams of Old Dominion engineering and computer science students presented their research findings and visualizations to a panel of government and business professionals during ODU's first-ever Infographics Competition on Jan. 25 in the Learning Commons of Perry Library.

A quantum sensor is a device that exploits quantum correlations to achieve better sensitivity or resolution in a variety of measurements.

The competition, designed and organized by Steven Walk, assistant professor of electrical engineering technology, gave the student teams the task of "developing innovative data visualizations (either static or interactive) to communicate to anyone the history and trajectory of quantum sensing technology." Michele Weigle, associate professor of computer science, and Yuzhong Shen, associate professor of modeling, simulation and visualization engineering, assisted with the competition.

The competition was funded by WorldTech International, of Arlington, Va., and conceived and initiated by company president Earnest Paylor II. Walk, whose research expertise includes projecting the adoption of new technology by society, provided student teams an initial database of information extracted from the area of quantum sensors over the past decade. Students were then encouraged to seek collaborations outside ODU and to employ publicly available data mining and display tools to create their best design from what they learned.

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Published on: March 1, 2013