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Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology ( IMN )

(Directed by Dr. Ali Beskok)


ODU Batten College of Engineering and Technology recently hired several new faculty members in the areas related to micro and nano-system technologies. Specifically, a critical mass of faculty and expertise has been established in micro-fluidics, micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS), nano-materials and micro- and nano-fabrication areas. The ODU IMN, under the direction of Dr. Ali Beskok, consists of the Bio-Microfluidics Laboratory of Dr. Ali Beskok and Dr. Shizhi Qian and the Micro-Devices and  Micromechanics Laboratory of Dr. Julie Hao. Today, these laboratories are active in graduate research and education; production of new knowledge and technologies; obtaining externally funded research grants; and they contribute to the national and international recognition of our university.


Most of these laboratories are directed by a single investigator who is responsible to maintain their research facilities and equipment, and train students in various aspects of micro- and nano-technology, which is a task with significant operational risks and challenges. These individual laboratories are strengthened by the establishment of the ODU Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN), which is an umbrella organization with the following objectives:


  • Foster collaborations to facilitate interdisciplinary research activities
  • Streamline graduate and undergraduate education and training
  • Pool resources, maintain and grow the research infrastructure
  • Develop new science and technologies
  • Increase ODU's visibility and competitiveness in the Micro- and Nano-Technology areas


Other laboratories and investigators are also encouraged to become members or affiliates of the institute. Membership to the institute is completely voluntary.  





Fluorescence Microscope Atomic Force Microscope