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Micro-Devices & Micromechanics Laboratory (MDML)

(Directed by Dr. Julie Zhili Hao)


The Micro-Devices & Micromechanics Laboratory focuses on developing MEMS-based and microfluidic-based micro-devices for various applications, such as gyroscopes and distributed-load detection and analytical and experimental study of micromechanics critical for the ultimate performance of micro-devices.


Probe Station for Visually Examining a Micro-device and Probing a Micro-device Mechanically and Electrically

Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Chamber for Testing a Micro-device in Vacuum

Wedge Bonder for Making Electrical Connection of a Micro-device to PCBs

Microfluidic Device on a PCB for Detecting Distributed Static and Dynamic Loads

A 3-axis Micropositioner for Moving a Probe by Precisely Controlled Displacement

Agilent Network Analyzer for Measuring the Frequency Response of a Micro-resonator