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Manufacturing and Automation Laboratory

(Directed by Dr. Han P. Bao)

The Automated Manufactuing and Rapid Prototyping Laboratory is jointly run by the Engineering Technology Department and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. The lab is incorporated into many curricula: Freshman in their Introduction to Engineering courses, senior students for the research.

This laboratory houses a variety of automated manufacturing equipment including computer numerical control machines, robots, machines visions systems, coordinate measuring machine and abrasive jet equipment. The equipment in this lab can take a product all the way from conceptual design to actual fabrication.

The rapid prototyping capabilities can create a physical model from the design in the computer controlled Thermojet equipment. These wax models can be miniaturized mechanisms for demonstration purposes, new design of parts to be used directly in machine prior to sending a part to mass production or casting techniques can be used to produce a part from plastic or aluminum.

Classes supported:

  • Undergraduate: MAE 434W, MAE 435 
  • Graduate/Research : MAE 682, MAE 744/844, MAE 785/885 


Instrumentation and Software:

  • Mitsubishi Robot and Work Station
  • Bridgeport Series-I Vertical CNC Machine
  • Dynamite desktop CNC machines - 3
  • IRI machine Vision System
  • Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Rhino and Microbot Educational
  • Abrasive Jet machines - 2
  • Bridgeport EZ-CAM software
  • Pro Model Software
  • ThermoJet for producing wax models with 6 inch x 8 inch x 8 inch maximum capacity
  • Nth Dimension Rapid Prototyping Machine 
  • Plotter - cutter for producing layered paper models
  • Cost Estimator Software
  • Process Model Software
  • Solid Works Software


Description of resources that can be accessed by industry:

  • Robots
  • CNC machines
  • Rapid Prototype machines



 Robotic assembly line


 Dr. Han Bao standing next to the Rapid Prototyping machine