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Material Science Laboratory

(Directed by Dr. Julie Zhili Hao)



Materials science is concerned with relating the properties of a material to its microstructures. The Materials Science Laboratory is designed to facilitate the study of various aspects of structure ranging from atomic considerations to those which can be observed by the unaided eye. A collection of components which have failed in service are utilized for the general purpose of improving mechanical designs. In addition to the usual geometric concerns, these components are used to illustrate the importance if materials selection with respect to alloy composition, mechanical processing, heat treatment, and fabrication. Microwaves, metallographic preparing equipment and testing facilities appropriate for this endeavor are available for use in the laboratory.


Additionally, the laboratory is also used for senior projects and graduate research which may require equipment and tools available in this lab.


Lab Facilities:


Equipment for metallurgy:

  • 3-stage grinders
  • Rough and fine polishers
  • Optical microscope


Equipment for fabrication and heat treatment:

  • Rolling mill
  • Vacuum furnace with pump
  • Small and large pot furnaces
  • Quenching tube furnace


Testing equipment for mechanical properties:

  • Rockwell hardness
  • Charpy impact test
  • Compression test
  • Shore seleroscope
  • Jominey end quench
  • Tabletop tensile test


Non-destruction testing equipment for mechanical properties:

  • Magnetic flux
  • Portable dye penetrants
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Eddy test



Light Microscopes, Impact Testing Machine, and an array of General Purpose Grinders


Specialized Grinders on the left and right. Middle: Hardness Tester