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Thermo-Fluids Laboratory

(Directed by Dr.Sushil Chaturvedi)

The Thermo-Fluids Laboratory provides knowledge about various aspects of fluid and thermal measurement techniques. It has a variety of equipment making quantitative as well as qualitative measurement of fluid flow properties with the emphasis on application of commonly used software such as LabView for data acquisition and analysis.

Lab Capabilities:

Instruction in related courses in the thermo-fluids area, projects and graduate research

Lab Facilities:

Wind tunnel, water tunnel, data acquisition systems and measuring instruments for pressure and temperature

Multiple Tubes from One Resevoir Feed Into A Reservoir in this System

Distillation System with Valve

  Flow Controlling Apparatus with Multiple Valves and Pressure Chamber
 Small Scale, Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel
Armfield TH3 Saturation Pressure Apparatus