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Bachelor of Science in Modeling & Simulation Engineering

B.S. in Modeling and Simulation Engineering


The Department of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering offers an undergraduate, four-year degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Modeling and Simulation Engineering (M&SE).  The program, thought to be the first undergraduate M&SE program in the United States, was initiated during academic year 2009-2010.  The program is being developed one program year each academic year; the first students will graduate in May 2013.  The M&SE program is designed for accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET as a general engineering program.  The first accreditation visit is scheduled for fall 2014.

The M&SE curriculum is based upon a solid foundation in mathematics and basic sciences.  Core program content includes a thorough introduction to key concepts from engineering and computer science, the major modeling and simulation paradigms, computer visualization, statistical analysis methods, and simulation software design.  Laboratory courses provide hands-on experience in the engineering of modeling and simulation systems.  A capstone course sequence taken during the senior year provides an opportunity to exercise this cumulative preparation to solve a real engineering problem in a team setting.  An important component of the program is the requirement that students complete courses in another academic discipline where modeling and simulation is used as a support tool.  In addition, course work in General Education skills and ways of knowing is required to assure a well-rounded program of study.

Program graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce as entry-level modeling and simulation engineers.  In addition, graduates will be prepared to enter graduate study in modeling and simulation and, with appropriate choice of program electives, other disciplines where modeling and simulation has application.  M&SE graduates also will be prepared to seek certification as Certified Modeling and Simulation Professionals (CMSP) and licensure as an Engineer in Training (EIT).

Program Enrollment Numbers and Degrees Conferred
Bachelor of Science in Modeling and Simulation Engineering

Fall 2014 Undergraduate Enrollment - 67 Students

Academic Year 2013-2014 Undergraduate Degrees Conferred - 4 Degrees

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Enrollment - 59 Students

Academic Year 2012-2013 Undergraduate Degrees Conferred - 4 Degrees