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Dr. Asad Khattak, Director CITS and Endowed Professor CEE

                              Intelligent Transportation Systems, planning and sustainability, safety

Dr. Mike RobinsonAssociate Director CITS and Research Assistant Professor MSVE

                                Transpotation modeling and simulation, evacuation and decision making


Dr. Mecit Cetin, Associate Director CITS and Associate Professor CEE

                          Traffic flow, congestion pricing, modeling and simulation, freight


Dr. ManWo Ng, Assistant Professor CEE and MSVE

                          Transportation Networks, modeling and simulation


Dr. Xin Wang, Senior Research Scientist CITS and Adjunct Assistant Professor CEE

                          Travel behavior, spatial analysis, safety, environmental sustainability


Mr. Peter Foytik, Senior Project Scientist CITS and VMASC

                            Modeling and simulation, emergency response


Mr. Craig Jordan, Senior Project Scientist CITS and VMASC

                             Modeling and simulation, emergency response


Affiliated Faculty:


Dr. Khan Iftekaruddin, Vision Lab

Dr. Wayne Talley, Transportation economics, Maritime and Port Economics
Dr. Bryan Porter, Transportation safety
Dr. Wie Yusuf Public Finance, and Transportation Policy and Planning 

Dr. Todd Fantz, STEM education
Dr. Michele Weigle, Transportation networks and visualization
Dr. Tamer Nadeem, Wireless networks, vehicular networking, mobile and pervasive computing
Dr. Duc Nguyen, Parallel computing and optimization applications in transportation




Sarah R. Ezell, Administrative Assistant