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Experimentation and technology transfer:

Areas of research and experimentation include:

1) Development of microscopic and macroscopic models for exploring impacts of intelligent transportation systems and smart growth;

2) Multimodal transportation planning, including signal light timing, public transportation planning and analysis, public transportation, and simulation of future traffic patterns;

3) Applications of intelligent transportation systems, including Advanced Traveler Information Systems, advanced sensors analysis, and inter-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communications;

4) Safety and security, including driver and passenger behaviors and evacuation transportation plans;

5) Transportation impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Where appropriate, CITS-TAP integrates planning/operations and analysis; it facilitates deliberation and consensus building, especially on contentious transportation issues that affect the city and the region. In such situations, CITS-TAP can bring together stakeholders to improve planning and through analysis capabilities and potentially avoid antagonistic situations. CITS provides the analysis and knowledge-bases needed to make informed decisions.