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ODU core capabilities in transportation include innovative modeling, simulation, and visualization applications for transportation sustainability & intelligent transportation systems. In addition, ODU's transportation research draws on military modeling and simulation experiences, e.g., ODU is the prime university in the U.S. Joint and Coalition Warfighting program. The applied research projects undertaken by ODU faculty and staff under the TranLIVE initiative will include the following:

  • Reducing energy use and emissions through innovative community designs: methodology and application view
  • The impact of parameter uncertainty on the emission-based ranking of transportation projects view
  • Develop real-time prediction of queues at signalized intersections to support eco-driving applications view
  • Optimize freight routes and modes to minimize environmental impacts view
  • Develop vision-based systems to track and classify vehicles at high fidelity to enable estimation of emissions view
  • New strategies for the emergency vehicle routing to reduce response time using vehicle-to-vehicle communications view

The ODU faculty and staff involved in these research projects are Dr. Asad Khattak, Dr. Michael Robinson, Dr. Mecit Cetin, Dr. ManWo Ng, Dr. Khan Iftekaruddin, Dr. Chung-Hao Chen, Dr. Xin Wang, Mr. Peter Foytik, Mr. Craig Jordan, and Mr.Semuel Rompis. Several graduate students will be involved in conducting the research.